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Arizona Cardinals Projected Offensive Depth Chart

With the roster finalized, it's time to figure out exactly where everyone fits into the mix. With the first game just six days away, here's how I see the offensive depth chart playing out:

QB - Kurt Warner, Matt Leinart, Brian S. Pierre

We all know the situation at quarterback. Warner's the guy but no one expects him to play all 16 games. Leinart will get on the field at some point.

RB - Edgerrin James, Tim Hightower, JJ Arrington

Edge is still the workhorse but Hightower will see his share of work, especially in short yardage situations and around the goal line. If Arrington continues to impress he'll warrant some carries as well.

FB - Tim Castille, Terrelle Smith

This is the first position that isn't clear yet. Whiz hasn't named a starter but I'd imagine that both would play in different situations.

WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban, Early Doucet, Sean Morey

The top two are set but the next three are all somewhat close and should see the field. Breaston will start the season as the #3, but given the injury status of both Fitzgerald and Boldin, Urban and Doucet will see playing time.

TE - Leonard Pope, Ben Patrick, Jerame Tuman

Pope won the job by default but when Patrick gets healthy, he could still push him for the job. Either way, they'll both see the field and are decent pass catching options. Tuman's a blocking specailist but could snag some goal line catches on play action passes.

RT - Levi Brown, Elton Brown, Brandon Keith/Elliot Vallejo

Elton Brown is the primary backup at almost every position on the line, but if Brown is already playing a guard position then either Keith or Vallejo would step into the spot.

RG - Deuce Lutui, Elton Brown, Brandon Keith

Lutui's on the hot seat but it's still his job for now. Brown was close to winning the job but he'll up on the field at some position. Keith's a promising rookie who's show the versatiilty to play multiple positions.

C - Lyle Sendlein, Al Johnson, Reggie Wells, Elton Brown

Sendlein stepped in when Johnson went down and he may not give the job back when AJ is back. Reggie Wells is the emergency center and primary backup until AJ returns but Brown is also taking snaps at center this week.

LG - Reggie Wells, Elton Brown, Brandon Keith

The top three are pretty much set in stone. The only wild card here would be if Elton Brown beats out Lutui, then Lutui would be the primary backup.

LT - Mike Gandy, Elton Brown, Brandon Keith

The top three are pretty much the same as left guard. Elliot Vallejo could also figure into the mix if multiple injuries occur.

Thoughts? Agree/Disagree?