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Arizona Cardinals Fill Out the Roster and Practice Squad

Hawk beat me to the punch, but the Arizona Cardinals filled out thier roster and practice squad by signing three players, late yesterday. A familiar face, Oliver Celestin, returns to the 53-man roster to fill the spot that was created when he was cut just one week ago. I'm not sure what kind of sense it makes to cut him and resign him within a week considering that he didn't have much of a contract to begin with but maybe they were hoping a better center would be avaliable. I'd imagine that if/when they have to make any roster moves in the future he'll probably be the man on the bottom of the totum pole. Alex Shor and Enoka Lucas were signed to fill out the practice squad. Shor's an interesting name because that gives the Cardinals four tight ends in the organization and could be an indication that Jermane Tuman's hamstring is worse than originally speculated. Shor's a blocking specialist who isn't much of a threat as a reciever, much like Tuman. Lucas was undrafted out of Oregon last year and spent time on Tennessee's and Tampa Bay's practice squad. He's built like a guy (6'2 303) who could be a good fit in the zone blocking scheme that the Cards are trying to employ. He's described as a guy who's an intelligent and fundamental player but he's a marginal athlete at best and doesn't have the foot speed required to excel.

This is obviously not good news for Chris Harrington who is still waiting for a call but hopefully when the injury situation is cleared up at nose tackle and tight end, he'll be brought back.