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Arizona Cardinals Break Down Kurt Warners' Perfect Game

Warner4_mediumBy now we all know that Arizona Cardinals' quarterback, Kurt Warner threw a perfect game this Sunday, but just how significant is that really? 

Well it's only happened 47 times in the history of the NFL, by 34 different quarterbacks, and what's even more impressive is teams are 44-3 when their quarterback posts 158.3 record. It had been almost eight years since Warner's last perfect game (10/1/2000) when he completed 24 of 30 passes for 390 yards and four touchdowns as a member of the St. Louis Rams. Oddly enough though he's not the oldest QB to accomplish the feat (Doug Flutie was 38 yrs old in 2000) and he doesn't have the biggest gap between perfect games (Dave Craig went almost 11 years between games).

As far as the Cardinals as a team are concerned, this is the first perfect game that they've been a part of since 1976, but from 1970 to 76 they were involved in three. Jim Hart had one in a Cardinals uniform in 1975 when he went 11 for 13 with 242 yards and two touchdowns against the Jets. The Cardinals had perfect games thrown against them in 1970 (Frank Tarkenton) and 1976 (Don Fouts). Oddly enough both quarterbacks were 15 of 18 and although the yards (280 & 259) and touchdowns (5 & 4) were slightly different.

Fewest Yards in a perfect game: 138 (Scott Hunter, 1976)

Most Yards in a perfect game: 431 (Ken O'Brien, 1986, the only 400 yard P-game)

Fewest Completions: tie - Drew Bledsoe (1993) & Ben Roethlisberger (2005)

Most Completions: 26 (Ken O'Brien, 1986)

Fewest Points Scored: 14 (Mike Buck, 1993, only non-starter with a perfect game)

Most Points Scored: 62 (Dick Shiner, 1973)