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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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Well there is more news than normal about the 2-0 Arizona Cardinals and I've even got something brand new for the ROTB community:

  • I joined fellow-Cardinal blogger, Eli Wahlstrom of The Cardinals Report, in his weekly podcast (check it out, right here). We talked about the impressive win over the Dolphins, the state of the team and a quick look ahead to the Skins. We're not professionals and this was our first time to talk so we stumbled over each other a couple of times, but if you consider we're just two fans talking about our team, it's not a bad listen. His site is great also for those searching for more Cardinals talk so check him out for more content.
  • Despite being 2-0 for just the second time since all but two players (Kurt Whiz2_medium
    Warner & Bryan Robinson) were alive, the team isn't ready to pat themselves on the back just yet. The focus is on what is in front of them instead of what they already accomplished. It's way too early to talk about the "P" word but I'll throw this little stat out there: Since 1978, 66% of teams that started 2-0 made the....well you know. 
  • There's also those that are ready to stand up and say, these Cardinals are not the same old Cardinals. Call it beating up on the kids with pocket protectors but good teams beat the teams that they're supposed to beat. I won't as far as to say that "if this isn't their year, they'll never will be a year," but I do agree that this team is talented, hungry and mature. 
  • The team isn't the only group of people who are hoping this 2-0 start is a sign of things to come instead of just another mirage in the desert. The valley of the sun has been waiting 20 years to wrap their arms around the Cardinals scream from the mountain tops that we own the best team in a division. Sure the Niners and Dolphins will be scouting the top college players before the season gets warmed up but lets not forget the 1996 Jets (1-15 with their only win over the Cards) and the 2004 and 2007 Niners (both swept the Cards despite just 2 & 5 wins on the season). Is this the year? We won't know for another several months, but for now I waiting on the edge of my seat. 
  • The offense has looked like two different animals through two games and Whisenhunt said he's made an attempt show different personnel packages, formations and even gameplans in an effort to give opposing defenses more to prepare to face. We've seen DRC line up at reciever in both games so far, Adrian Wilson lined up at tight end against the Dolphins and it seems as if Whiz has embraced the 'trickeration' that gave his otherwise vanilla offenses in Pittsburgh some flavor. So what's next? Well Boldin told Whisenhunt that he wanted line up at safety......wait....I thought they weren't talking.