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Arizona Cardinals Fly Around the NFC West

I'm not sure that the Arizona Cardinals could have expected to be in a better situation two weeks into the season. They currenlty sit atop the NFC West and the favorite to win the division is two games back and looking very vunerable. Here's what our division mates are talking about:

San Francisco: The Niners are upbeat after traveling to Seattle and handing the Seabirds a loss in their home opener. JT O'Sullivan is starting to look like a capable QB and was a big part of the win, as was Patrick Willis who's a nominee for defensive player of the week. After two games and a win over the favorite to win the division the Niners see the division could be wide open and they'll get one more cupcake (DET) before a brutal stretch that includes the Saints, Pats, Eagles, Giants and Hawks (yea that's in order...ouch).

Seattle: If it's possible to push the panic button 14 days into the regular season, the Hawks are already sounding the alarm. After losing their home opener and more wide receivers than the Cardinals even have on their roster, the Hawks have picked up to receivers this week and both could conceivably start this Sunday. They picked Koren Robinson off the scrap heap and acquired Keary Colbert from the Broncos for a conditional pick. The Hawks have the next two weeks to right ship (STL and a bye) before their schedule turns downright scary with three east coast trips and the Giants, Packers, Bucs and Eagles in the following six weeks.

St. Louis: If Hawks fans start to feel sorry for themselves, they need to look no further the St. Louis to see just how bad things can be after only two games. They already calling for the young guys to play, the coach and GM to be fired and scouting the top college prospects for next years draft. It's not hard to understand their frustration considering that they been outscored by 63 points, in only two games, and they're averaging just eight points a game on offense.