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Taking a Look at the Cardinals Newest Practice Squad Members

When the practice squad was announced yesterday there were three new faces for Arizona Cardinals fans to get you know. Here's what we've found so far:Aa_medium

Wilrey Fontenot: Some Cardinal fans may have seen Fontenot already and not even realized it being that he played his college ball at the Unversity of Arizona. He's undersized (5'9 171) but has good speed (4.40) and athleticism ( 37 in vertical). He started for four seasons at Arizona (46 consecutive starts) and finished his four seasons with 174 tackles and seven interceptions. His straighline speed helps him excel on special teams as a gunner but his small stature makes it hard for him to man up on larger receivers.

Ornea Jones: Jones was undrafted last season and spent the 2007 season on the Packers and Colts practice squad. He's a decently sized reciever (5'11 202) from Hampton who's got good speed (4.42). He never had great production (57 reception for 679 yards and 2 TDs) despite playing at such a small school but scouts like his precise route running and above average hands.

Anthony Oakley: Oakley is rather old (27) for the practice squad and has been around the league since 2004 and even played a season in NFL Europe. He's spent time with the Browns and Bears and has played in thee NFL games. He is versatile and can play both guard positions and center. He's a tad undersized (6'4 298) but he could be at home in a zone blocking scheme that needs quick, mobile linemen.