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Arizona Cardinals Injury Update and Chris Harrington Returns

The Arizona Cardinals are on the north east coast this week preparing for the Jets Chris_harrington_mediumbut thanks to the glorious internet (seriously what did we do before it) we've still learned that the Cardinals' practice went okay today. There were two significant absences in Darnell Dockett and Bertrand Berry. One is considered a minor injury and not much of a concern, Dockett, but Berry isn't even on the field. He's getting his groin checked out which means that it might be more than just a sprain. Hopefully we'll find out soon.

Berry's injury may or may not be related to today's roster move but it's interesting that the Cardinals brought back outside linebacker, Chris Harrington. Thier sixth round pick was added to the practice squad and Ornea Jones was cut to make room for him. Considering that Harrington was nice enough to do an interview with ROTB, I'm glad that he's back and hope that he has a long future here in AZ. He was a college defensive end who is making the transition to outside linebacker and he had his moments in the preseason as he finished with nine tackles and a pass defended.