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Arizona Cardinals at NY Jets: How Important is this Game?

It's Thursday so it must be time to start looking forward instead of backwards. As the Arizona Cardinals shift their focus towards the windshield and the Jets, I can't help but wonder just how important this game is to the fate of this season. Some would simply say that one game isn't any more important than another but I've never really bought into that school of thought. For a team like the Cardinals (a team trying to separate themselves from the 'middle of the pack' mentality), they need to win the winnable games and despite playing on the road, this is a game that the Cardinals should win.

Not only do the Cardinals need to rebound from a loss to the Redskins, they also need to pick up some momentum before playing what should be two undefeated teams (BUF & DAL) at home. Coming home from the two week road trip would be somewhat demoralizing to a team that left 2-0. The Cardinals struggled on the road last year going just 2-6 and picking up two road wins early in the season would really boost their chances for a playoff spot. The Jets will come out fighting considering that they're coming off back-to-back losses, but the Cardinals match-up well against them.

Thoughts? Agree/Disagree?