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Arizona Cardinals Update Anquan Boldin's Injury Status

One of the Arizona Cardinals many low lights of yesterday's blowout loss to the Jets was the injury to Anquan Boldin. It looked very severe at the time and it's disheartening anytime you see a player taken off the field on a stretcher, but by all reports Boldin will be fine. He was expected to stay overnight in a Manhattan hospital but he was released late last night and is back home. He wanted to get up and walk off the field but in an effort to be cautious he was carted off. I have no idea what his status will be for Sunday's game but I'd imagine we'll get an update at some point today. For now, it's good to hear that Q shouldn't have any lingering effects from that vicious hit.

Update: Ken Whisenhunt was on KTAR's Doug and Wolf this morning and he confirmed that Boldin is back in town and he walked off the plane last night. He spent part of the night in the hospital where he passed the spinal examination and looked good enough neurologically to be able to fly. Whiz also said that it is too early to know about his status for next week but we should know in a couple days.

Update (Part 2): Anquan Boldin's father has given a recent update on Q's current status. Boldin suffered a fractured sinus membrane and had to get some stitches in his lip but that he did pass a CT scan at the hospital. According to his father:

"If it was left up to Anquan he would be able to play today, but we have to err on the side of caution. If he's cleared medically, though, he'll play."

Update (Part 3): Anquan Boldin made an appearance at the team facilities today and according to Darren Urban, other than his jaw being a bit swollen and him sounding like he just had some dental work done, he looked like the same old Q. Urban did say he wouldn't expect Boldin to play this week but he also said he wouldn't count him out. We'll likely get a much better update tomorrow when Whiz meets with the media, but for now it's very good to hear Q is moving around conversing with team mates and coaches.