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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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In case you didn't know it's football season so there's Cardinals related news everywhere:

  • ESPN rolls out their power rankings for week 1 and as you might expect, the Cardinals get no love. It's hard to imagine that an 8-8 team that addressed many of their weaknesses in the offseason would still be ranked 21st, but the Cardinals won't get any respect until they go out and take it.
  • Travis LaBoy's hometown paper has a 'feel-good' story about the new Cardinal and his prospects for a break out season. Much has been made of the 'sack-belt' that be had made and they do a good job of explaining the background and purpose behind the gaudy belt.
  • ESPN kicks Cardinal country one more time by ranking them as the worst fan base in the NFL. Citing poor management and countless losing seasons they put us at the bottom of a pathetic group.
  • There's also tons of Cardinals QB talk out there right now. There's anything from Leinart's angry to Leinart's staying positive and everything in between.
  • Kent Somers has an good story about Boldin's desire to win outweighing his desire for a new contract. It sounds like he's softened his stance and is focusing his attention on what happens on the field instead of the nonsense in the front office.

Any other news out there catch your eye?