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Arizona Cardinals vs. SF 49ers: By The Numbers


Now that we've looked at eight key match-ups (Part I and II), I figured we could take a look at how our very own Arizona Cardinals perform against the Niners. Being that these two teams play twice a year, most of the players who have been with the Cardinals for any length of time have built up some historical stats against our bay city rivals. So here's how our beloved Cardinals have done:

Kurt Warner: Obviously some of Warner's stats will come of his games in St. Louis but we'll look his stats overall and then only the years in the desert. Overall Warner has played 10 games against the Niners and four of those have come with the Cardinals. Those four games amounted to a 3-1 record against them and he's averaged over 300 yards per game. As you might expect, Warner's numbers were better in St. Louis (although not by much at all) but his stats against the Niners are better than his career numbers overall.

Games QB Rating Comp Att Comp % Yards YPA TD INT
Overall 10 98.8 214 328 65.2 2,816 8.6 19 10
w/ ARI 4 96.0 95 143 66.4 1,244 8.7 6 4

Edgerrin James: Edge has only played the 49ers five times in this nine year career and four of those games (2-2 record) have come during his two seasons in Arizona. His stats aren't overly impressive but they're workmanlike, as you'd expect from James. He's averaged 87 yards a game during his two seasons with Arizona and his biggest yardage game was late in 2006 when he rushed 29 times for 105 yards. He's yet to have a 'breakout' game against San Francisco but with a more experienced offensive line and new sidekick, this could be the game that is happens.

Games Att Yards Avg TDs Rec Yards Avg TDs
Overall 5 119 453 3.8 3 12 89 7.4 0
w/ ARI 4 98 348 3.6 2 7 47 6.7 0

Fitz2_mediumLarry Fitzgerald: Fitz has played eight games against the Niners and as you might expect, he's been an absolute monster. He's averaged 96.8 yards per game (versus 75.7 for his entire career) despite have a down game in week one last year (3 rec for 20 yds). His eight games have amounted to four 100 yard games, five games with five or more receptions and six games with at least 14.5 yards per reception. 

Games Rec Yards Avg TDs
8 49 774 15.8 5

Anquan Boldin: Boldin's been equally impressive in his nine games against the Niners with over 84 yards per game. San Fran seems to have found a way to contain him in the past two seasons though considering that he's only topped 70 yards once. During a four game stretch between 2003 and 2005, he averaged 9.25 receptions and 126 yards per games including over 100 yards in each game. With Kurt at the helm and considering that he's completely healthy and 'money-motivated' this year, he could get back to those numbers from 2003-2005 this Sunday.

Games Rec Yards Avg TDs
9 58 757 13.1 5

Other Offensive Specialists: There are several other offensive skill position players who have very little stats against the Niners. Leonard Pope has totaled seven receptions for 74 yards in four games. Ben Patrick has played only one game against his Niners and he finished with two receptions for 19 yards and a touchdown. Steve Breaston has played two games against them but hasn't recorded a reception. He did average 21.6 yards per return on 10 kickoff returns and 4.1 yards per return on 7 punt returns.


It may not mean much but if the past is any indication of what to expect this Sunday, it looks like the passing game should be able to put some points on the board and Edge will get plenty of work but will have to fight for every yard. Thoughts? Is it worth looking at the past or should we focus on the present?