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ROTB's Official NFL Prediction Thread

I meant to get this up before the first game started but if you're anything like me, it doesn't really feel like football season until the Cardinals take the field. I also live by the adage of "it's better late than never" so we'll go ahead get this kicked off. With only one game in the books, here's my five bold predictions that you can take to the bank. My division by division predictions and playoff predictions are after the jump.

Also if you haven't submitted your game picks for week 1, click here, get your picks in and Hawk is going to keep tabs on the standings for us.

1. Brett Favre's 2008 stats will look much more like his 2005 numbers (20 TDs, 29 INTs) than his 2007 numbers (28 TDs, 15 INTs).

2. LaDainian Tomlinson will miss at least two games with injuries for the first time in his career and the tremendous workload of the past seven years will decrease his effectiveness even when healthy.

3. Brady Quinn will start at least four games in Cleveland this year and Romeo Crennel will name him the 2009 starter shortly after the final game.

4. Jared Allen will lead the league in sacks by at least five full sacks. No team can run on that defensive front meaning they'll all have to drop back to pass way too many times.

5. One year after leading the league in completion percentage, yards, touchdowns, yards per attempt and QB rating, Tom Brady will not lead the league in any statistical category in 2008.

NFC North:

  1. Minnesota - 10-6 - I don't like the QB but every other unit is solid.
  2. Green Bay - 7-9 - Eh, not a single QB with a career start?
  3. Detroit - 5-11 - Better than Chicago but not by much
  4. Chicago - 3 -13 - Hester can't do it all.

 NFC East:

  1. Dallas - 12-4 - On paper, they're the best team.
  2. *Philly - 10-6 - If McNabb is healthy (big IF), they'll contend.
  3. Giants - 9-7 - Eli regresses and too many injuries to repeat.
  4. Redskins - 7-9 - Young QB learning a new system, sound familiar.

NFC South:

  1. New Orleans 11-5 - Brees is awesome and the D is improved.
  2. Carolina - 9-7 - I like the RB combo and Jake is healthy again.
  3. Tampa Bay - 7-9 - Do they have any young playmakers?
  4. Atlanta - 5-11 - Better than expected but they're still rebuilding.

NFC West:

  1. Arizona - 10-6 - Call me homer, I don't care.
  2. *Seattle - 10-6 - They lose the last game and hand us the crown.
  3. St. Louis - 6-10 - Moving in the right direction but not there yet.
  4. San Francisco - 5-11 - I like Martz but JT O'Sullivan? Come on.

AFC North:

  1. Pittsburgh - 10-6 - Brutal schedule but Big Ben is a stud.
  2. Cleveland - 8-8 - I don't buy the hype, sue me.
  3. Cincy - 6-10 - The O will score but the D is a joke.
  4. Baltimore - 4-12 - A bad mix of youth and experience

AFC East:

  1. New England - 11-5 - They're not as good but the division is bad.
  2. Buffalo - 9-7 - Moving in the right direction but not there yet.
  3. Jets - 7-9 - Favre isn't the answer and the team's awful old.
  4. Miami - 4 -12 - Anything is an improvement right?

AFC South:

  1. Indy - 11-5 - Getting old but they're still the class of the division
  2. *Jags - 10-6 - Closing the gap fast.
  3. Texans - 9-7 - Continue to improve but division is too good.
  4. Titans - 6-10 - Young simply isn't a good NFL QB, simple as that.

AFC West:

  1. Chargers - 11-5 - They're good and the division is bad.
  2. *Broncos - 11-5 - Cutler's getting better and the team is heading up.
  3. Raiders - 6-10 - Young offensive stars and decent D beat KC.
  4. Chiefs - 5-11 - Too many holes to fill and not enough time.

NFC Wild Card: Minnesota Over Philly & Arizona Over Seattle


NFC Divisional: New Orleans over Minnesota & Dallas over Arizona

NFC Championship: New Orleans over Dallas

AFC Wild Card: Broncos over Pats & Steelers over Jags

AFC Divisional: Steelers over Colts & Broncos over Chargers

AFC Championship: Steelers over Broncos

Super Bowl: New Orleans over Steelers


That's what I have for the season. What do you think? Crazyness? Put your predictions out there and you can be as detailed or general as you want.