In a game of missed opportunity ONE MAN STANDS ALONE!

Steve Breaston... I have no idea what kind of numbers he put or anyone else for that matter. Seeing as how im not really a numbers guy...could really care less. Sure Hawkwind could help me out with that (not talking shit, just saying, love you).

In a game were we finally have field advantage, all the tools to do some damage, and still find a way to come up short, Steve was able to make himself known in a game where the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin were virtually non existent. 

I understand that the 49ers brought the D, and kept our Dynamic Duo under raps and that may have given him this opportunity, but did he not seize it and run with it (no pun intended). 

Dirk don't think I forgot about you, I just think Steve may be able to do this game in and game out. I may be proven wrong but i've been waiting for the Cards to find a receiver with the speed and athleticism to do the the things i think he is capable of and got a taste of that today. 

Going to the game next Sunday and think i need a jersey with the number 15 on it, 

San Fran you can keep Johnson (great game), I think we traded up!





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