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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Divisional Round Edition

After another hard fought playoff win, the Arizona Cardinals are hosting their first ever NFC Championship game next Sunday. Before we can get to that game, we must honor the player of the week. Dominique Rogers-Cromartie won last week and has a strong chance this week after shutting down Panther's star Steve Smith. Our opponent at Cat Scratch Reader mockingly called DRC "Croc-martie", underestimating that he is indeed, a talented corner back. Not to mention that he tipped a pass that led to another interception. Larry Fitzgerald is on CotW for a third week in a row after his monster output on Saturday. Many of us also believe that Jake Delhomme is a worthy candidate, so he will be on the list this week. Along with last week, there will be several nominees and should be a tough CotW as of yet.

As always, if you think anybody should be added, drop a comment with who and why they should be.