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If the Arizona Cardinals Are Looking for Respect, They Can Forget It

Andrew touched on the lack of confidence (to put it mildly) that most have in the Cardinals, and here's a second installment of just how little respect the Cardinals are getting. 

The Arizona Cardinals are used to being underdogs and they're used to getting zero respect from their peers. A division title and two playoffs wins isn't changing a thing though. The Cardinals opened as three point underdogs for the NFC Championship game despite the game being played in their house where they're 13-4 the past two seasons. Vegas isn't the only ones who are ready to count out the Cardinals though. Check out this from ESPN:


Still not convinced that the Cardinals are being overlooked? Check out this from the Philly paper:


Still have doubts? Check out this comment from our fellow SB Nation blog, Bleeding Green Nation (link to thread):


The Arizona Cardinals have wet their appetites each week by watching and listening to everyone tell them how bad they are and they shouldn't have any problems finding more disrespect this week. Feel free to use this thread to post other links to people who are already wondering who the Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl.