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An Interesting Take on the Arizona Cardinals Franchise

With so many new faces checking out ROTB and the Arizona Cardinals franchise this week, I couldn't help but post this article from Will Leitch at Deadspin. If you're not familiar with Deadspin, they're one of the biggest and best sports blogs on the net right now and Leitch is the former editor. He's also a long time Cardinal fan so he's been getting his fair share of "how the 'ell did this happen" questions. With that in mind, Leitch put together a fantastic group of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the franchise that is the Arizona Cardinals. Here's a short preview of what you'll find after the link:

Why does every person I see on television have a smirk on their face anytime they discuss the Buzzsaw (his nickname for the Cardinals)?

Two reasons.

1. The Arizona Cardinals have been so horrible for so long that no media members have even the slightest inkling of respect for them. The majority haven't paid attention to them in two decades and have been waiting for the Cardinals to lose so they don't have to do any more research. The best example of this was Cris Carter, who, on Sunday night, called Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby, alternately, "Dansmon," "Dockett" and "Darnell Dansby." (Amusingly, Carter tried to cover his tracks by pointing out that Dansby was "great at Florida State." Dansby went to Auburn; defensive tackle Darnell Dockett went to Florida State.) It's difficult to blame anyone for this. There are 32 teams in the NFL, and each team has 53 roster spots. That's 1,696 players to keep track of. You have to end up ignoring somebody, and for the last 30-some-odd years, the most efficient team to ignore has been the Arizona Cardinals..........................

If you watch any amount of national media, you've probably seen or heard countless mistakes from the 'so-called' experts (all the more reason to stick to ROTB) just like this one, but as Leitch says, who can blame them. And the million dollar question that all Cardinals fans are pondering themselves:

What would a trip to the Super Bowl mean for this fanbase?

Considering the notion of even making it this far - even making the playoffs at all - is beyond my ability to comprehend, it's difficult to pretend any Cardinals fans would be angry if they lost Sunday. (One suspects Eagles fans would have a different reaction, were they to lose.) No matter what happens Sunday, this is the best Cardinals season in the Super Bowl era, by a factor of about 40. No one will ever look back at this year with disappointment.

But to get to this point, hosting an NFC Championship Game against a No. 6 seed, and then to fall short would be tough to stomach in the short term. These opportunities don't come along often. (Say, once every 61 years.) Earlier this year, I said that if the Arizona Cardinals didn't win the NFC West this year, they're never winning the NFC West. Circumstances as they are, I could make the same statement now: If they don't make the Super Bowl under these conditions, they're never making the Super Bowl.

But yes: A Super Bowl berth would be redemption for the thousands of dollars and hours spent by fans following this team for 20 years, through all the infuriating front office moves and on-field collapses. Every year, a brave NFL prognosticator will pick the Cardinals as their surprise team, only to have them finish 4-12. The Cardinals have been their hardcore fans' surprise team for 20 years. And they'd still be surprised.

Compared to Eagles' fans, though? Well, Eagles fans actually have expectations for their team on a yearly basis. We don't. It's much sadder to have expectations unfulfilled than expectations far exceeded. That's what Cardinals fans are telling themselves, anyway.

Whether or not you agree with the 'never' statements, we can all agree how mind blowing it would be to sit on our respective couches on the biggest Sunday in the NFL world and see our very own Cardinals run out of the tunnel (ok, now we're getting way ahead of ourselves). Needless to say, it's a fun FAQ segment and Leitch does a good job of being informative and entertaining. Check it out and what FAQ would you add to the list?