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Note to the Arizona Cardinals: Follow Kurt Warner, He's Been Here Before

The Arizona Cardinals stand on the door step of a very unfamiliar, yet monumental, accomplishment. The Cardinals have never been in a Conference Championship game, much less the big game that awaits the winner, but that doesn't mean that they're lost. If some of the Cardinals need to look for guidance, they don't need to look any further than a grey-bearded quarterback wearing #13. Kurt Warner has led the Cardinals throughout the season and he's led them to consecutive playoff victories (first time in franchise history). Don't tell him "job well done" just yet though. He's stood on this door step before and he knows exactly what it takesNfc-e_medium to finish the job. Kurt's not only been to conference championship games and Super Bowls, he's beat the Philadelphia Eagles at home in a NFC Championship Game.

Rewind to January 27th, 2002 and you'll find a youthful Donavon McNabb-led Eagles team matched up against Kurt Warner and the 'Greatest Show on Turf.' Warner led the 14-2 Rams to a 29-24 victory with an unspectacular, yet very efficient game. He didn't turn the ball over and the Rams controlled the clock behind a great game from Marshall Faulk. His defense forced two turnovers and kept McNabb under wraps for most of the day. What does that game have to do with Sunday's matchup? Very little if anything, but it's another example of why this unproven playoff team has the perfect leader. The Arizona Cardinals may not be familiar with where they currently find themselves, but Kurt Warner has been here and he's done that. Does KW have one more NFC title in him?

On a somewhat unrelated note, the great Aeneas Williams had eight tackles and a pick in that game for the Rams.