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Arizona Cardinals Injury Update: Anquan Boldin Practices!!

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The Cardinals haven't released their official injury report yet but Somers and Urban are both reporting that Anquan Boldin participated in practice and he did "quite a bit" during the sessions that was open to the media. Boldin also added that he doesn't see "any hindrances" to him playing this Sunday.

Whether he participated in the full practice or if he was limited (I'm betting on limited), doesn't really matter. This is really good news, regardless. I wasn't expecting him to even try to practice until later in the week given that he's a veteran and obviously knows the offense as well as anyone. The fact that he's even attempting to practice on a Wednesday indicates that he and the coaching staff are pretty confident that he'll be able to play come Sunday. We'll update the full injury report once that information is available.

Brian Westbrook didn't practice for the Eagles but he's still expected to play.

Update: Here's the full report and the Cardinals are still a very healthy team considering they've played 18 games now and only have three guys listed on the injury report. Boldin was officially limited and the other two are injury mainstays. Ben Patrick and Travis LaBoy were both limited. Here's a link if you want to check out the Eagles list of walking-wounded.