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Check Out Ken Whisenhunt's "In My Own Words" Tonight

Whiz_mediumHere's a minor programming note for all fans of the Arizona Cardinals and Ken Whisenhunt. Fox Sports has a great series titled "In My Own Words" and Whiz's version will debut tonight at 5:30 pm on Fox Sports Arizona. Whiz took time this week to sit down with Fox's Laura Okmin to talk about everything from this Sunday's NFC title game to his time in Arizona. I'd imagine they'll have to at least mention the possibility of playing his former team on the league's biggest stage, but we'll see. Whiz has only been in the desert for two seasons but he's undoubtedly made his mark on this franchise and all of us. I certainly hope he's around this team for quite some time.

I can't tell from the article if the 5:30 is eastern or Arizona time but if anyone knows for sure, feel free to leave a comment. The show will also re-air three times over the weekend starting with midnight on Friday, 2:30 pm on Saturday and finally at 9:30 am Sunday morning. Everyone watch and we'll discuss next week. So set you DVR's and let's see what our leader has to say. Hopefully we'll be able to post some video clips next week as well.