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Arizona Cardinals Win the NFC Championship and are Headed the the SUPER BOWL!!!

A cold front just blew through hell and the devil is frantically searching for a coat.

Yes you read that right. The Arizona Cardinals are headed to the Super Bowl, I said the ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE HEADED TO THE SUPER BOWL!!

What a game!!! I'm much too exhausted, my fingers are bruised from biting them in attempt to not yell and wake the baby, and intoxicated (barleywine on empty stomach = emotional) to string together coherent thoughts at this point so use this thread to send out celebratory congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals and all fellow fans. We'll break down the game in detail tommorrow, including the fantastic performances by Warner, Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson just to name a few, but for now all I can muster is.....Get Ready Tampa, here come the Cardinals!!!!