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A Pictorial Look at Your NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals

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I could sit here all day and try to put in words how it feels right now to be Champions of the NFC and Super Bowl bound, but I'm confident that I wouldn't do it justice. So, with that being said, just try to soak in the absolute joy that you see it the pictures below (pics are from the teams official site, and eastvalley


Whiz_and_bidwell_medium Edge12_medium Antonio_smith6_medium Fitz_and_antonio_smith_medium
Calias_campbell_medium Warner15_medium Gatorade_bath_medium Leinart2_medium

After looking through a ton of photos, I'm left with this thought guys: Don't take the next two weeks for granted. Enjoy the ride, soak it all in and have fun. We'll start breaking down the match-up between the Cardinals and Steelers later this week but for now, enjoy telling all the haters, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!."