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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: NFC Championship Edition

Congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals for making it to the SUPER BOWL!! After a hard fought battle to the end with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cardinals prevailed on top to go to the franchise's first ever Super Bowl appearance. When you make it to the big game, you will tend to feature several players that helped win the game for us. Last week was Larry Fitzgerald, helping the Cardinals get over the slump of losing on the East Coast. This week he had a big game again. Although he played great, you need to look at who is feeding him the ball, the grey-beard, Kurt Warner. Warner has stepped up in the playoffs and played like an MVP so far. The defense almost fell apart late in the game but came together when they needed to. A-Dub brought his A-game and layed out two sacks.

As always, if you feel anybody should be added to the list, just explain who and why.