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Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals: Injury Report

The Arizona Cardinals' injury situation is pretty good but there is still one concern as they prepare for Saturday's game with the Falcons. Travis Laboy, who was held out of practice on Wednesday, was limited in practice yesterday. He's missed the last two games with a gimpy ankle and it appears obvious that won't be at full strength on Saturday, if he's able to play at all. Leonard Pope and Anquan Boldin are the only other players who were limited today, but both are expected to play. A good sign for the Cardinals is that Gabe Watson was able to fully participate in practice. Watson missed the game last week after he experienced some swelling in the same knee that he fractured in the off season. The Cardinals don't have to officially list the 'status' of players until later today so we'll have to wait and see how LaBoy is listed, but my guess would be questionable.