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Arizona Cardinals Quick Hits: Super Bowl Match Up

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With the big game approaching, you can expect to hear a lot of Cardinal talk for the next two weeks. You will probably hear break downs, match ups, keys to the game, storylines, and whatever drama the media will come up with. Here at RotB, we'll try to keep any useful information coming, and provide as much Arizona Cardinal news as possible. Here's come current stories hitting the web:

  • Kent Somers at AZCentral addresses the many story lines of the Super Bowl. He discusses what to watch for, including the Cardinals current coaches matching up with current Steeler coaches.
  • Mike Sando over at the NFC West site for ESPN, already breaks down what the Cardinals need to do to win. He talks about protecting Warner, the coaching staffs having an advantage, and that the Cardinals need to keep that same underdog roll.
  • Darren Urban gets Ken Whisenhunt's take on facing his old team at He also discusses whether or not Whisenhunt has tried to establish the Cardinals as the Steelers of the West.
  • Over at yahoo sports, they go over who the most offensive and defensive players in the Super Bowl will be. They also give their predictions.
  • Also from yahoo sports, they discuss the difference in histories between the two teams.
  • Columnest Gregg Boeck discusses why and how the Cardinals continuing the underdog role will only help them in the Super Bowl. He also reviews the fact that they are 7 point underdogs in Vegas and began the season with 50-1 odds of winning the super bowl.
  • If you really want to get fired up and ready, check out this story about the worst teams in Super Bowl history. Yes, you guessed it...The Arizona Cardinals are listed as the worst team in the history of the Super Bowl. If that doesn't motivate the players, then I don't know what will.