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KC Chiefs Might Look at Todd Haley as New Head Coach

According to a couple of different sources, the Kansas City Chiefs would consider Arizona Cardinals offensive coordinator if they decide not to retain head coach Herm Edwards. Leading the rumor mill is CBS's Chris Collingsworth who predicts that Haley's not only a candidate but that he should be the favorite. Collingsworth went on to say that the dust-up between Haley and Boldin (which we for the most part agreed wasn't a big deal) actually raised Haley's perceived value, because of the way he handled himself.

Herm Edwards is still the Cheifs coach but most expect him to be fired after the Super Bowl, if not sooner. Our fellow SBNation blog, Arrowhead Pride, that covers the Cheifs points out that Edwards is not at the Senior Bowl this week which only adds to the speculation that his departure is just a formality at this point. I'd imagine that if there are still some vacant spots after the Super Bowl that Haley, Pendergast and Grimm all get some interviews, but we've got bigger fish right now.