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Arizona Cardinals Fans Are Filling Up the Band Wagon

It seems like everyone who doesn't call Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home is jumping on the band wagon of the Arizona Cardinals. One of ESPN's many polls asked fans who they'd be rooting for and as of today, with over 16,000 votes in, the Steelers carried six states and the Cardinals ruled in the remaining 44. On Sunday when the Cardinals beat the Eagles and advanced to the Super Bowl, 12 different Cardinals related searches ranked in Google's top 100 (including phrases like Brenda Warner, Chicago Cardinals, Cardinals superbowl, Adrian Wilson, Darnell Dockett and Ken Whisenhunt). CBS Sports says the "hottest selling car in Arizona is the bandwagon," and local sporting goods stores are seeing Cardinals merchandise fly off the shelves at a never before seen rate. Traffic on this blog has shot to record highs. In fact traffic during the past five days (Friday the 16th through Tuesday the 20th) was higher than the each of the first two months of the season. So what does all this mean? It's simple, if you haven't caught Cardinals-fever yet, what's wrong with you......

Here's some Cardinals video to get your juices flowing

Columbia's Team? Wow, who knew.......and the kid below is ready, are you?

The kid below is ready to shock the world...

And last but certainly not least, the first minute of the video should help us remember not to take the next 11 days for granted. This is the year, we'll never forget.