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Arizona Cardinals Cooling Off RotB

Even though the Cardinals have actually made it to the Super Bowl, there are some players that didn't exactly contribute. Here is a break down of the players that have cooled off after the NFC Championship game.

  1. Anquan Boldin - I'd hate to put him number one but lets face it, he hasn't done much other then the 71 yard scamper against the Atlanta Falcons. Not to mention, he's been a distraction and a media headline so far this week.
  2. Steve Breaston - I don't know if it's a lack of experience in the post season or he just hasn't had many opportunities. Either way, he's been quiet and we have yet to hear his name.
  3. Roderick Hood - Again, he's been solid all year but after last week, you have to wonder if he will be okay on Super Bowl Sunday. He struggled covering Curtis and nearly got flagged on a crucial play at the end of the game.
  4. Cardinals in the 3rd Quarter - They were actually one of the better teams in the 3rd quarter as far as scoring during the regular season. On Sunday they could barely get 1 first down and the defense gave up an 18 point lead.
  5. Travis LaBoy - He came back after a nagging ankle injury that he had for most of the year. He was a ghost against Carolina, and now may be done for the Super Bowl after a bicep injury.