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The Dallas Cowboys Have Officially Reduced Themselves to a Reality Show

Sorry guys, I've got to take a break from talking about  the Arizona Cardinals first Super Bowl berth to throw out this little nugget of gold about the Jerry Jones-led Dallas Cowboys. Apparently the genius of Jerry Jones and Micheal Irvin concluded that the best way to right the ship, avoid distractions and pick up their first playoff win in over a decade is to make the Dallas Cowboys the center of a Fox reality show. Why is this such a big deal you might ask? Well because the grand prize isn't a $100,000 or a trip to Mexico with Tony and Jessica, it's a guaranteed spot on the training camp roster. That's right, the Cowboys are giving away roster spots to reality show contestants. Apparently Jerry doesn't think his team is a big enough joke just yet. Oh and I'm sure Al Davis is kicking himself that he didn't come up with this first. 

Please let me know when we can officially change the name from American's Team to American Longest Running Joke....