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Arizona Cardinals Quick Hits: Super Bowl Edition Part Deux

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Arizona Cardinals news is flying fast and furious so lets jump right in:

  • The Cardinals are the "home" team because the NFC is always at home on odd years. That means that they got to choose which jersey's they would wear and surprise, surprise they chose the home Red uniforms.
  • Mike Sando breaks down the third quarter performances of Kurt Warner and Ben Roethlisberger in the playoffs and the regular season. 
  • Adrian Wilson, one of the longest tenured Cardinals, talks about what the past three weeks have meant to him and this organization.
  • USA Today lets you vote on who's got the edge with each personnel group. 
  • NBC Sports will also let you vote on who's got the edge by position. 
  • NBC also gives us 10 reasons why we should write off the Cardinals (thanks for that, I think). 
  • Sports Illustrated looks at the differences between the cities of Pittsburgh and Phoenix. 
  • Sports Illustrated also breaks down the differences between the Steelers and Cardinals franchises. 
  • Finally Sports Illustrated also looks at how small school players have helped shape the Cardinals and NFL.
  • ESPN says that Anquan Boldin's season was defined by a his rebound from a vicious hit and not an argument on the side lines. 
  • ESPN also lays out five keys to the Super Bowl, including three on the Cardinals passing game.