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Arizona Cardinals Quick Hits: Super Bowl Edition Part III

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Arizona Cardinals news and/or Super Bowl coverage is fast and furious so we'll jump right in:

  • If you're bored at work, you can follow all the Super Bowl coverage on NFL Network via your computer. They've got five different cameras that you can switch back and forth between. It's the perfect time-kill if you're itching for some football. 
  • The Cards official site has a SB central that Urban covers very well with audio, videos, photos and stories. It's got some great content that he's updating regularly.
  • Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN says don't call the Cardinals a fluke. He chronicles how Rod Graves helped develop a commitment to building through the draft. 
  • Jeffri Chadiha, also of ESPN, looks at Edge's re-emergence and the Cardinals running game in the playoffs. 
  • Peter King looks at Sean Morey, Clark Haggans and Brian St. Pierre's trips from Pittsburgh to Arizona.
  • USA Today says the History Book vs. Story Book match-up should be a good one. 
  • KTAR has a story about a guy with a Cardinals field in his backyard. It's complete with logo's, yard markers and goal posts. The upkeep isn't easy but it's a nice conversation piece.
  • USA Today also has their own Cardinals quiz so you can test your Redbird knowledge.
  • Chuck Finder, of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, takes a look at Fitzgerald's ascention from Pittsburgh Panthers star wideout to the best wide receiver in the NFL. 
  • The PPG also hits a couple of different topics in this story including Morey's story again, St. Pierre playing Roethlisberger in practice and Fitzgerald wanting to be like Hines Ward.