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Key Match Ups: Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

In this Sunday's game, the big match ups will be plentiful. This is the most important game of the year that will feature the two best teams in the league. Not only do the players match up well, but the teams do too. The number one power house defense versus a high flying offense. It's an ideal match up for a Super Bowl and hopefully, it will live up to the hype.Seeing as it's the Super Bowl, there will be a extended list of key match ups. Here's some of the key match ups of Super Bowl 43:


  • Kurt Warner vs. James Harrison - What else can you say. Harrison will be hunting for Warner, and Warner will be trying to beat the blitz. Warner is tough as nails and will likely take several big hits from Harrison. If he can get the ball out quickly and not have to run on his feet, Warner will have much success.
  • Dominique Rogers-Cromartie vs. Santonio Holmes - Holmes is a tall, quick, explosive receiver. DRC is a fast, tall corner, who can make up ground quickly and make a play on the ball. This will be one of the more exciting match ups of the game. Both players will be trying to make a big play and whoever succeeds, could be the difference maker.
  • Larry Fitzgerald vs. Ike Taylor - Larry is going to be in the key match ups no matter which game it is. There will be no doubt that Ike will have his hands full. He will have focus on jamming Larry off the line and shadowing his every move. Fitz is going to be especially key to this game because he will be a frequent target for Warner.
  • Karlos Dansby vs. Heath Miller - This is a very underrated match up for the game. Both players are considered the best at their positions and will likely be grinding it out at the line of scrimmage. Dansby is the best coverage line backer on the Cardinals and looks for the ball when its in the air. Heath usually goes unnoticed when talking about the NFL's top tight ends. He is a good blocker and an even better receiver. If Dansby can silence Miller and take him out of the game, it will give big Ben even less options to pass to.
  • Edgerrin James vs. James Farrior/Larry Foote - Edge will have one of the more difficult match ups with the league's number one defense. It's important for the Cardinals to establish some kind of running game, even if that means 3 or 4 yard runs. If Edge is able to produce something, it will only open up the passing game even more then it already is.
  • Cardinals Offense vs. Troy Polamalu - Troy is regarded as the best safety in the NFL and it's really hard to argue with that. He makes plays all the time and really makes the Steelers defense go. Warner and Co. will have to always keep an eye out for him and make sure they don't put the ball anywhere near him. Whether it be a 3rd and short or a deep jump ball, the Cardinals need be on top of their game and not turn the ball over, otherwise Troy will make a play.
  • Cardinals Defense vs. Ben Roethlisberger - Perhaps the most pivotal match up of the game will be this one. It's pretty simple...if the Cardinals can force turnovers, get sacks, or hurry Ben, it could be the difference between a win or loss.

Obviously there are a lot of huge match ups in this game and one alone won't decide who wins. Every game features a star and it's only up to the rest of the team if they are going to step up as well. If everybody does their job and plays their best game, then expect to see the Cardinals win convincingly. The reality is that the Steelers won't go away easy and will win some of these match ups. If the Cardinals don't give up and close out the game, they will be Champions of the world.