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Steelers Have Been Saving the 'Wild Cat' Formation for the Super Bowl?

Dale Lolley, a guy who covers the Steelers year round for a couple of different publications, including the Observer Reporter, had a very interesting note about something the Pittsburgh Steelers have been working on for a while. According to him, they've been working on a 'Wild Cat' formation with Mewelde Moore lined up at quarterback. He explains here:

A few weeks ago, I alluded to an interesting game plan the Steelers were working on for the Ravens......During the season, we're not allowed to talk specifically about what we see in practice under agreement with the Steelers. We don't talk about what we see other than basic stuff and they keep their practices completely open - something few teams now do.....But since we're shut out of practice now, I can tell you they've been working a wildcat package with Mewelde Moore in the backfield. No more secrets.

The Steelers haven't used the wild cat at any point this season but it makes sense that if they've been working on it that they'll use it at some point on Sunday. This is the game when you empty your bag of tricks and pull out all the stops. Just another threat that the Cardinals will have to prepare for, but at least Moore shouldn't be a big threat to throw the ball. He has attempted three passes in his career, the last of which was in 2007, and he's completed one for 15 yards in 2006 (but it was for a TD). He attempted four passes during his collegiate career at Tulane, completing one for 14 yards.

The Cardinals defense didn't see the 'wild cat' very many times in the regular season, in fact only the first meeting against the Panthers comes to mind. Does anyone else remember them seeing it in another game?