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Could Kurt Warner Really be a Chicago Bear Next Year?

If you're looking for a break from non-stop Super Bowl coverage, your wish has been granted. Kurt Warner's agent is making some news by getting the free agency fires started early and he's in Chicago floating rumors that his client is ready test the free agent waters. The Bears are certainly a team that's in the market for a quaterback and their GM admits that they've discussed (internally of course b/c they can't talk to Warner or his agent yet) bringing in Waner "a couple of times." At the same time, Warner still won't even commit to playing next season when he was asked this week about retirement.

I don't have any idea what Warner's plans are next year, but I'd be willing to bet a fortune (or at least all the money I have which isn't much considering the current diaper budget in the Hawk household) that he won't be playing in Chicago. Can anyone imagine him playing in a cold weather city where he'll have to play in the snow for the second half of the season? Not only is that idea a stretch, but I also can't see him going to a team that's built to run the ball and play defense? Not to mention I have a real hard time believing he'd trade in Fitz, Boldin and Breaston for Devin Hester, Rashied Davis and Brandon Lloyd.