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Arizona Cardinas All-Time Team: Head Coach

The final segment of the All-Cardinal team is today and I have to say, I'm relieved it's over. Searching and searching for players can be a bit strenuous at times. However, it does give you some satisfaction researching Cardinal history. It took all of the off season and the lone bye week, but we're finally on to the last segment and the last piece of the Cardinals All-Time team - The head coach.

Ken Whisenhunt - '07 - Present

  • 18-17 Record
  • 3-1 in playoffs
  • 1 NFC Championship, 1 SB appearance

The man, the myth, the legend - Ken Whisenhunt. In all seriousness, Whisenhunt was the first Cardinals head coach to lead his team to the Super Bowl, and break many more records all in two years as the head coach. He's brought a winning attitude to the desert, something the last six head coaches have failed to do. The team and the fans believe that they are winners, and that they will contend every year. He's good with the players, and respects the fans(After the playoff wins, he ran around both the Panthers stadium, and University of Phoenix stadium shaking every fans hand) Arizona fans have been waiting for this for the last 20 years, and we now have a coach that can deliver a winning product. Whisenhunt, or the Whiz, should expect to see a long term contract in the near future, and will possibly cement himself in Cardinals history as the greatest coach of all time.

Don Coryell - '73 - '77 281c87ee9a6942218e4778f7667dbfd4_medium

  • 42-27
  • 2 playoff appearances, 0 wins
  • 2 division titles

Don Coryell, the inventor of "air Coryell", began his career with the St. Louis Cardinals back in 1973. Coryell was known for his high-flying offense, something that wasn't well now for that time in the NFL. It all began in his time with the Cardinals. He may have not mastered it however, till he went to San Diego. Regardless, when he took over for the Cardinals, he took a losing team and built them into a winner. He reeled off 42 wins as a Cardinal head coach, which is still the franchise record. He also won the division twice, leading the Cardinals to two playoff appearances. Unfortunately, Coryell may only be remembered for his time coaching the Chargers. There he produced some of the greatest offenses of all time, along with players. Some of them including Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow. As a Cardinal head coach, he may have helped Dan Dierdorf get into the hall of fame, and he also helped running back, Terry Metcalf, set an all purpose yardage record in 1975 .

Jimmy Conzelman - '40 - '42, '46 - '48Conzelman_jimmy_action_180-220_medium

  • 34-31
  • 1-1 in playoffs
  • 1 NFL Championship
  • In Hall of Fame

Conzelman may be one of the most underrated coaches in franchise history, bringing the first NFL Championship to the Chicago Cardinals. Conzelman began his career as a player, then turned to a player coach. He finally joined the Cardinals in the early 1940's before leaving to work for Major League Baseball. He returned to the Cardinals in 1946, leading them to two division championships and an NFL title.Conzelman ended his career after the 1948 season, only to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1964.

That sums up the final position on the All Cardinal team folks. All three coaches deserve a lot of credit for what they did for the organization, but only one can win. I want to say thanks for everybodys support in building the team as well. As always, go Cardinals!