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Arizona Cardinal Of The Week: Week 5

Week five is officially over for the Arizona Cardinals, who can breathe a sigh of relief, as they recorded a much-needed win on Sunday against the Houston Texans. The Cardinals took a commanding lead to start the first half, but relinquished it by the fourth quarter. Surprisingly, the Cardinals defense, who essentially blew the lead, came up big in the end. Before we move on completely, congrats to Anquan Boldin who won the week three COTW award. This week, it's pretty cut and dry as the candidates were the main reason of the victory.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie - DRC primarily covered Kevin Walter for the game, and if you look at Walter's stats(4 catches, 37 yards), Rodgers-Cromartie did his job. The Cardinals defense struggled to contain the Texans passing attack, but DRC came up big with a much needed interception and score, especially when the Cardinals offense was unable to score in the second half.

Kurt Warner - If there was any doubt about his age or ability to get the ball out when needed, it should be gone by now. Kurt Warner threw the ball accurately yesterday, recording two touchdowns, and possibly a third had Anquan Boldin not fumbled in the red zone. While he was nearly perfect in the first half, he struggled in the second, primarily from defensive blitz's and good coverage down field. However, Kurt did what we all prefer, and that's not turn the ball over.

Larry Fitzgerald - It's unlikely that Fitzgerald texted his brother in the locker room at half time, as he already had two touchdowns at that point in the game. Fitzgerald was given the ball early, and took advantage when the Cardinals were marching into the opponents red zone. Although the yardage wasn't there, Fitzgerald is still on pace to gain over 1,000 yards and 16 touchdowns for the season.

Calais Campbell - Campbell didn't register any sacks, but once again provided a boost on the special teams end for the Cardinals. Like week two, Campbell was able to reach his 6'8" frame high enough to block another field goal. The block prevented the Texans from capitalizing on the Cardinals turnover, and more importantly - scoring.

Like always, if you feel anybody else should be added to the list, just drop a comment with who and why they should be. I feel that more then one of these guys could win the COTW award, but only one actually will. Who did you vote for and why?