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Arizona Cardinals Game Maker: Week 5 Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals

In week 5 the Arizona Cardinals offense scored 21 unanswered points in the first half of the game, but was unable to score in the second half. After giving up 21 points to the Houston Texans the Cardinals needed a big play if they were going to pull off a win at home, at a cruical moment for their psyche and that of their fans.

Cardinals DB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (29) scored the game winning points with a late interception putting the Cardinals up 28-21 with 2:20 left on the clock.

Week 5 Gamemaker:  @ 2:26 4th Quarter - Cardinals CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (29) intercepts a pass intended for Texans WR Kevin Walters (83) and returns it for a touchdown while the game was tied at 21.


Full breakdown of the play after the jump!



Image 1 - The Texans line up:  3 WRs (Johnson, Walters, Anderson), 1 TE (Daniels), 1 RB (Slaton). The Arizona Cardinals defensive backs are lined up deep off of the WRs. Brown, Okeafor, and Ware are in the center of the field, with FS Rolle and MLB Karlos Dansby playing 10-15 yards deep.


Image 2 - After the snap Slaton runs forward drawing the attention of Adrian Wilson (24) and Okeafor (56) watching for play action. Daniels sets up as an additional blocker against Dockett (90) to give QB Schaub extra time in the pocket.


Image 3 - With just a three man rush from Arizona, Houston plays it safe and keeps Daniels to help protect against Dockett, and Slaton right behind him incase Dockett gets through. Wilson is obviously playing the pass and keeping his eyes on Schaub in case he tries to scramble out of the pocket.


Image 4 - As the offensive line holds the defensive line at bay Wilson slips back into coverage to aid DRC.


Image 5 - Schaub finds his target...


Image 6 - Plants his foot...


Image 7 - And fires to the right side of the field...


Image 8 - In flight DRC has good position and sees the timing of the throw and moves to make a play for the ball...


Image 9 - DRC's position allows him to catch the ball even with the cast on his right hand.


Image 10 - A great catch! Notice the wide open field in front of DRC...


Image 11a - Side view of DRC catch.


Image 12 - DRC focuses on securing the catch...


Image 13 - Once DRC feels that he has secured the ball he turns on the speed..


Image 13a - Adrian Wilson knows that he's taking it to the house...


Image 14 - He's at the 40...


Image 15 - The 30...


Image 16 - The 20 and high stepping it all the way in...


Image 17 - The 10 ...


Image 18 - Owen Daniels gets close so DRC switches back to running straight...


Image 19 - The two yard line...


Image 20 - Touchdown Cardinals!

DRC made some great plays in Week 5 and consistently tackled well. Let's hope a division rivalry game will spur DRC and the rest of the Cardinals to find the rhythm they had in the first half of the Texans game.

What other play would you consider the game maker for week 5?