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'Caption This' Arizona Cardinal Style: Week 6

We're somewhat late today in getting our usual 'Caption This' posted, but it's here. In honor of the recent issues Raiders head coach Tom Cable has faced, what better then to caption a pic of him against the Chiefs earlier this season? In case you don't know what happened, in the off season, Cable was  accused of punching an assistant coach and sending him to the hospital. This hit was supposedly a "blind side hit", and a player even said, "He never saw it coming". The assistant coach even said that Cable was yelling,"I'll kill you!", and that he believed Cable would've had he not been pulled away. Before we completely move on, congrats to Hibernian for winning last weeks Caption this with,"Tell Ted Thompson I can get him free tickets to the Vikings playoff games this season." He pulled away late with 4 votes. As always, fabricate something clever and vote (click on "actions" and click on "rec") the captions that give you a chuckle.

Username WTD
Irishcardinal 10 1
ajotanelsona 7 1
JoeCB1991 6 1
Hibernian 4 1
Sc464 4 1
fansincejakendrop 4 0
Andrew602 3 0
Fitz Jizzle 3 0
Cardsdefense 3 0
Machpelican3 2 0
Badmatty53 2 0
azcardswinez 2 0
Desert_Bird_Watcher 2 0
Suns' Sensei 1 0
Sir Whirly 1 0
Giannaros 1 0
AJBirdwatcher 1 0
Hevchv 1 0
jonny-yuma 1 0
TexansForever 1 0