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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock

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It's a good Tuesday so far, and with two Cardinal wins in a row, Quickhits_mediumI'm sure most of us are in good spirits. To kick off the day, I thought I'd start by posting a weekly flock of links from around the web. The Cardinals are 3-2 on a two game win streak with an upcoming Sunday night battle with the New York Giants. Let's see what everyone is saying: 

Mike Sando looks at the personnel groups the Cardinals have used against their opponents so far this year. The Cardinals used two tight end sets in over 40% of their snaps on Sunday, clearly more then any other game this season by a long shot. The primary reason is the return of tight end Ben Patrick, who made key blocks on the opening drive.

Darren Urban discusses the Cardinals defense, and evaluates the game on Sunday. The Cardinals hadn't held an opponent to three points or less since 1999 and hadn't done it on the road since 1974.

Also from Urban, he discusses the Cardinals overall game on Sunday, looks ahead to the tough match up against New York, and evaluates Kurt Warner's smack talking to Seattle fans.

Finally from Urban, he talks to Ken Whisenhunt to get some Monday information. Whisenhunt says that Boldin coming out was to not further injure his ankle and also get him ready for the Giants game. He compares the opening drive to an episode of Seinfeld, he talks about why Rashad Johnson was inactive for the first time, and also says not using any timeouts to end the first half was his mistake.

At azcentral, Dan Bickley evaluates the key play to the game - the pouch kick off in the first quarter. It couldn't have came at a better time, as it kept the Seahawks offense on the bench longer, and took a noisy crowd at Qwest Field out of the game.

This isn't an official link but it is nice to look at. It's the total defensive rushing stats for the 2009 season. The Cardinals still rank 1st in rushing defense, but are also first in yards per carry, and are 2nd in rushing touchdowns allowed. It should also be noted the Cardinals pass defense dramatically improved, dropping the average almost 40 yards, but they're still 31st.