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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 6

For the last two weeks, the Cardinals haven't been able to crack the top 15 in most power rankings, usually averaging 18th. This week, their sure to move up after an impressive win in Seattle, and their second win in the last two weeks. The Cardinals have felt the wrath of most "experts" in the power rankings all season, however, their average ranking this week was 13th. Let's take a look at the power rankings from around the web.  

ESPN- 16th

Billy Davis' defense validated its No. 1 ranking in rushing yards allowed, but a bigger test awaits at Giants Stadium. (Sando)


CBS Sports- 13th

They are now tied for the division lead heading north to play the Giants. The way the defense played at Seattle has to give them hope the rest of the way. The trip east will be big talk this week.

Walter Football - 11th

Fox Sports  - 18th

As dominant of a win that they put on Seattle, the Seahawks are crumbling again due to injuries. And looking big picture, the Cards are 3-0 vs. losing teams and 0-2 against winners San Francisco and Indy.


What If Sports- 9th

What If Sports utilizes football simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 32 teams. WhatIfSports simulated every possible match up in the NFL 100 times, and used the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate all teams based on their current rosters and depth charts.

Bleacher Report- 12th

Kurt Warner had a very efficient day as he passed the 30,000-yard mark for his career and put Arizona back on track as they head to New York to take on the Giants. The Cardinals pass defense, which ranked dead last before Sunday, held Seattle to just 112 yards through the air and 128 total—great sign for them moving forward this season.


Yahoo Team Ranker - 14th

This little ranker is actually pretty interesting. It gathers data by have you pick the winners of match ups. It continues asking you match up after match up, and based on all the yahoo users data, it compiles the rankings(which seem quite accurate might I add).

NFL.COM - 12th

ROTB's Collective Rankings

  1. Saints
  2. Colts
  3. Vikings
  4. Broncos
  5. Giants
  6. Falcons
  7. Patriots
  8. Bengals
  9. Steelers
  10. Packers
  11. Ravens
  12. Bears
  13. Cardinals
  14. Eagles
  15. 49ers
  16. Texans
  17. Chargers
  18. Dolphins
  19. Jets
  20. Cowboys
  21. Jaguars
  22. Seahawks
  23. Panthers
  24. Bills
  25. Raiders
  26. Lions
  27. Chiefs
  28. Redskins
  29. Browns
  30. Buccaneers
  31. Rams
  32. Titans