Will the Real Arizona Cardinals Please Stand Up?

Well, here we are two wins in a row, 3-2 and approaching a big game in last year's dreaded eastern time zone. While it's just one game, I see this as the type of game that winning or possible even losing in a hard fought game would establish the Cardinals as an NFC force. On the other hand losing (ala last years Patriots game) would mean the Cardinals are just a team in the hunt to win the worst divsion in the NFC. Barring a solid win or a dismal loss, this game won't mean any more than any other, but I am hoping the team takes this opportunity to stand up and show us what we all beleive they could be. Will the Real Arizona Cardinals Please Stand Up?

Other thoughts on the upcoming game in no particular order:

The Giants have some injuries that could assist the Cards, but they are also coming off a humbling loss in New Orleans, so they should be primed to play. The Cards have Boldin with a possible injury and Breaston who seems to be playing through his injury quite well.

The Giants are a 7 point favorite.

I am looking forward to seeing the Cards run D against the Giants RB's.

Weather for Sunday at Meadowlands High 53 Low 41, 20% chance of rain, 13 mph winds. Game time temperature should be around 50. Meadowland is known (or at least rumored) to have a wind effect. The wind will not be helpful to the Cards.

Cardinals have been dismal in the Eastern time zone in the past, but this is a night game.

Manning actually has a better road win percentage than at home (interesting). See for a rather interesting analysis and theory on why the Jets and Giants have some of the worst home win to away win ratios in football.

Last match up Nov. 23, 2008, NEW YORK GIANTS 37 CARDS 29

Since reallignment of the divisions the Cards and Giants are 2-2

Cards have lost 3 in a row on the road playing the Giants and last beat the Giants in the Meadowlands in 1999 (ouch!).

Previous Meetings (last 10 years) record 4 W - 6 L

Sept. 11, 2005, At NY Giants L 19-42

Nov. 14, 2004, NY Giants W 17-14

Sept. 29, 2002, N.Y. Giants W 21–7

Dec. 15, 2001, At N.Y. Giants L 13–17

Nov. 11, 2001, New York Giants L 10–17

Nov. 26, 2000, N.Y. Giants L 7–31

Sept. 3, 2000, At N.Y. Giants L 16–21

Nov. 28, 1999, At N.Y. Giants W 34–24

Oct. 10, 1999, N.Y. Giants W 14–3

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