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Arizona Cardinals At New York Giants: Who Has The Edge?

This Sunday night, the Arizona Cardinals are hoping to improve to 4-2 and stay atop the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers. To get ready for the game, we'll take a look at each position on both teams and determine who has the edge. Last week, the Seahawks slightly had the edge, and most of us didn't have the Cardinals dominating the way they did. The Cardinals are the underdog this week, and I can only hope that the Cardinals prove me wrong again. Here's a look at who will have the edge this Sunday.


Pos. Edge Analysis
QB Kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90_medium
How close is this? Eli Manning 
has played great since their
Super Bowl run, but Kurt Warner
has been on-target even
at the age of 38. The slight edge
goes to Warner because of his great
play on the road so far this season.
RB 919_medium 
There's no denying this 
one - the Giants running backs
have been more successful on
the ground this season. Brandon
Jacobs brings the physicality, while
Ahmad Bradshaw is the speed back.
The Cardinals have yet to find a
solution to their ground game woes.
WR Kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90_medium 
The Giants have a duo of talented 
young receivers in Steve Smith and
Mario Manningham. Even with Boldin
being possibly out, the Cardinals still
hold the edge with Fitz and Breaston.
TE 919_medium
Kevin Boss has been a solid 
replacement since Jeremy Shockey
left the team. The Cardinals are still
struggling to find a starter at tight
end. Ben Patrick might be it.
OL 919_medium
The Giants have the most dominant
offensive line in the NFL today. They
protect like the best and open up
holes for their running backs.
The Cardinals line still has a
long way to go.
Pos. Edge Analysis
DL 919_medium
Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Chris Canty. 
Those are just a few names on the the
Giants defensive line. Levi Brown and
Mike Gandy better be ready for Sunday night.
The Cardinals defensive line has been great
at stopping the run, but haven't produced
pressure against good offensive lines.
Sunday will be a good test.
LB 919_medium
The Cardinals linebackers played a good 
game last week, but struggled against the
other Manning the last time they appeared
on Sunday Night. Antonio Pierce leads a strong
linebacking corps.
CB --------------
The split comes because both units have had 
their problems this year. The Giants didn't face
any great passing offenses till last week, and
were owned by Drew Brees. The Cardinals
pass defense is ranked 31st, but bounced
back last week, shutting down the Seahawks
pass attack.
S Kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90_medium
The Cardinals safeties equal one 
of the best duos in the league.
The brute is Adrian Wilson, and the
play-maker is Antrel Rolle. The Giants
safeties are too young/injured to compete.
ST Kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90_medium
The Cardinals have been solid 
through the first 5 games, only
having problems with Jacoby Jones.
They were excellent on coverage
last week, recovering a pouch kick off.


Both coaches have won Super Bowl
rings, and both have took their teams
to the Super Bowl in the last two years.
The difference is, Coughlin won it when
he was the head coach. Whisenhunt isn't
that far behind though.
Edge Result Analysis

7 - 5

The Giants hold the edge because they are 
a disciplined, well balanced team overall. They
play smart and don't make many mistakes.
They also have the advantage of playing at
home, on a nationally televised game, a place
the Cardinals have struggled before.


It's a tough pill to swallow but it's also hard to predict the Cardinals repeating their performance from last week. The Giants are a very deep team, that are disciplined enough to contain the Cardinals. Who has the edge in your book?