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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 7

We should call this one the "finally breaking some ground" edition. The Cardinals impressive win over the New York Giants on Sunday night proved that the Cardinals could win on the road on a nationally televised game. This team is building confidence quick and with the combination of a less-then-difficult schedule and more practice coming up, they're only getting better. The Cardinals had trouble cracking the top 15 for most of the season, but now have dropped dramatically in the standings. Their average ranking is 9th. 

ESPN - 10th

The victory over the Giants on Sunday gave Arizona a good chance to finish with a winning record on the road. (Sando)

Yahoo Sports- 8th

After the scary injury he suffered during his last visit to Giants Stadium, how cool was it to see Anquan Boldin reaffirm Sunday night that no receiver is tougher? 7th

Pro Football Weekly- 10th

Whisenhunt on beating Giants: "I think we made a big step"


CBS Sports- 9th

They are 3-0 on the road and are playing some really good defense. The decision to change coordinators on that side of the ball has really paid off.


Fox Sports- 9th

Kurt Warner sees your East Coast bias, and he could not care less now. What a big win in so many ways for Arizona by going to New York on a Sunday night and going toe-to-toe with the Giants.


What If Sports- 7th

What If Sports utilizes football simulation engine to present the most comprehensive and unbiased ranking possible of all 32 teams. WhatIfSports simulated every possible match up in the NFL 100 times, and used the winning percentages from those nearly 50,000 games to evaluate all teams based on their current rosters and depth charts.

Yahoo Team Ranker- 12th

The ranker is actually pretty interesting. It gathers data by having you pick the winners of match ups. It continues asking you matchs, and based on all the yahoo users data, it compiles the rankings(which seem accurate might I add).

Sporting News- 8th

An improved defense makes them better on the road and a threat in the NFC.


Walter Football- 9th

The Cardinals picked off Eli Manning three times Sunday night. This weekend, they get Jake Delhomme, who has tossed 13 interceptions this year. If Delhomme starts again, Arizona might just get into double digits in terms of interceptions. Can the Cardinals defense score 100 fantasy points for you this Sunday? I think it's possible.


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