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Send This Arizona Cardinal to the Pro Bowl: Kurt Warner

With pro bowl balloting opening this week, going forward we'll start presenting which Cardinals should be elected to the pro bowl, or which players have a fighting chance. This week, Kurt Warner is up for consideration. After having one of his best seasons of his career last year, and the best season for a quarterback in Cardinals franchise history, Warner looked to continue his success into this year. So far, the offense hasn't been as impressive as it was throughout the playoffs, but changing offensive coordinators has that effect. At the age of 38, Warner has managed to remain in the top 10 of all major passing stats. The Cardinals have also passed their tough stretch of games on the schedule, and now take on some less-then-stellar teams - so I'd imagine Warner should pad the stats. Even with the lack of protection against tough opponents, Warner has done his job and directed the Cardinals to a 4-2 start. The numbers will come, as it's only a matter of time.

Qarterbacks Att Comp % Yards YPA TD INT Rate YPG
Aaron Rodgers 184 121 65.8 1702 9.25 11 2 110.8 284
Drew Brees 197 132 67.0 1698 8.62 14 5 106.9 283
Brett Favre 228 157 68.9 1681 7.37 12 3 102.2 240
Kurt Warner 237 158 66.7 1672 7.06 9 6 89.1 279
Tony Romo 194 117 60.3 1652 8.52 9 4 94.7 275

Other quarterbacks to consider - Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan

Judging by the stats, Warner isn't far from the quarterbacks that surround him, and if the offense can get back in sync, we should see an increase in numbers. Even if he was unable to, his numbers are by far better then other quarterbacks in the league. For right now, you'd have to imagine that Brees is a lock, and if Rodgers continues his numbers, he should make it also. Vote for Kurt Waner and other Cardinals as many times as you want.