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Arizona Cardinals Game Maker: Week 7 Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

In week 7 the Arizona Cardinals toppled the previously 5-1 New York Giants with a final score of 24-17. Looking to capitalize on the momentum coming from the road win against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 6, the Cardinals seemed to beat all odds being the 18th ranked offense and besting the Giants defense which is still ranked number one in the league. To add to the drama the game was on the road, on the East Coast, and in a prime time match up.

All of the ingredients that would have made a Cardinals fan cringe if it weren't for the paradigm shift that many are witnessing as the Cardinals defense is becoming very consistent, the offense continues to work well in the passing game, but most importantly was the running game which made a rare appearance and worked better than it has all year. This new balance brought a new element to the Cardinals and brought a lot of smiles to fans faces.

Leading to this weeks Game Maker... RB Beanie Wells' (26) 13 yard 2nd quarter, two stiff arm TD run.

Week 7 Game Maker: @ 4:25 2nd Quarter - RB Beanie Wells runs 13 yards to score the first Cardinals points of the night and his first career regular season TD.


Full break down of the play after the jump!


Image 1 - The line up: 2 WR (Fitzgerald, Breaston), 1TE (Becht), 1 FB (Kreider), 1 RB (Wells). The Giants defense is playing 4 DL and 1 LB (Clark (55)) on the line, 3 CB, 2 LBs in the middle of the field and one safety.


Image 1a - TE Becht (84) is lined up to the left of LT Gandy, directly across from him is LB Clark (55). The Giants CB on the left side is Thomas (24). Giants DE Justin Tuck (91) is lined up to the right of RT Levi Brown (75).


Image 2 - After the snap the line gets good blocks, and a gap is opened between LT Gandy and TE Becht and Giants LB Antonio Pierce (58) looks to shoot through. FB Kreider (35) acts as a lead blocker and heads directly for Pierce to make the block.


Image 3 - RB Wells (26) takes the hand off from QB Warner (13) as Giants LB Tuck starts to turn the corner on RT Brown and close the gap with the ball carrier. CB Thomas sees the hand off and rushes towards Wells...


Image 3a - Notice Tuck closing the distance between he and the ball carrier and also a one on one match up between Wells and Thomas on the left side.


Image 4 - Wells comes up to speed bouncing out to the left side, sees Thomas closing on him and begins a cut...


Image 5 - Wells continues cutting out to the left side...


Image 6 - Thomas (24) closes to make the tackle, but Wells prepares his left hand for the stiff arm...


Image 7 - Wells shows his strength and pushes Thomas back with a powerful stiff arm while Tuck (91) continues to close the distance behind him...


Image 8 -Wells gets a full extension of his arm and sees that he's clear to the goal line from here. Giants LB Clark (55) is just getting away from TE Becht...


Image 9 - Powerful stiff arm throws Thomas to the ground...


Image 10 - The stiff arm slows Wells for just a moment, Giants defenders Tuck and Clark close the distance between them...


Image 11 - Wells then kicks into the next gear and continues running toward the goal line...


Image 12 - Giants CB Thomas falls backwards into LB Clark after the stiff arm...


Image 13 - Thomas recovers quickly and tries to match speed with Wells...


Image 14 - Wells starts coming into full stride...


Image 15 - Ten yards to the goal line...


Image 16 - Nine yards...


Image 17 - Wells sees that there is one last man to beat Giants Safety C.C. Brown (41) ...


Image 18 - Wells runs toward the goal line... (Brown just entering screen)


Image 19 - Brown closes quickly and catches Wells at the four yard line. Wells puts out his 2nd stiff arm and continues working toward the goal line...


Image 20 - Notice from this angle that Brown is trying to strip the ball.


Image 20a - From this angle it looks like Wells gloves on the ball, but it is actually Brown trying to strip it...


Image 21 - You can notice the ball slip down a little but Wells keeps it secured and steps over the goal line...


Image 22 - Wells continues pressing the stiff arm as he lands for the touch down...


Image 22a - Side view of the punishment.


Image 23 - Touchdown Cardinals!


Image 24 - Wells secures the ball all the way to the ground.


Image 25 - Congratulations Beanie Wells from all of us here at Revenge of the Birds!

Is there a different play that you would pick as the game maker moment? Antrel Rolle's INT to seal the game? Jason Wright's TD for game winning points? Wilson's INT or fumble recovery's?