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'Caption This' Arizona Cardinals Style: Week 4


Congratulations to sc464 for winning the 'Caption This' segment last week. "Seriously though guys, there's something in my eye! Get it out, GET IT OUT!" was the caption for Jack Del Rio's screaming picture. As week 4 approaches, I couldn't find any Cardinals/Colts pictures that would get a good laugh, and I don't think we want to see that game ever again anyway. So this week, we'll branch out to other NFL teams for pictures. Who better to start with then the ole faithful Detroit Lions fans? These lucky guys watched their team finally win a game, after dropping 19 straight. Fabricate something clever and vote (click on "actions" and click on "rec") the captions that give you a chuckle.

Caption This Leaderboard

Username WTD
IrishCardinal 9 1
ajotanelsona 6 1
sc464 4 1
fansincejakendrop 4 0
azcardswinez 2 0
Desert_Bird_Watcher 2 0
Andrew602 2 0
Fitz Jizzle 2 0
jonny-yuma 1 0
Suns' Sensei 1 0
Sir Whirly 1 0
Giannaros 1 0
AJBirdwatcher 1 0
Hevchv 1 0