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Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans: Who Has The Edge?

In week three I started a new segment breaking down position group by position group, determining which team had the "edge" to their respective groups. I could'nt have been more wrong, predicting that the Cardinals had the edge against the Colts. Although, nobody could have determined that they'd implode the way that they did, either way I was wrong. This week we break down who has the edge between the Cardinals and the Texans, and the results were very close. As I said before, I'll keep this as less bias as possible, and if I don't, feel free to sound the homer alarm. The table takes up way too much space on the home page so the results are after the jump...

Pos. Edge Analysis


The grey beard wins this battle.
Kurt Warner has played seemingly
well this season despite poor
protection. Matt Shaubhas also
thrown the ball well when given the


This one's close but at least 
Steve Slaton had over 1,000 rushing
yards last season. The Cardinals
lack of a rushing attack has hurt them
so far.


Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald
are both regarded as the best wide
receivers in the NFL. Beyond Johnson
you have Kevin Walter. Beyond
Fitzgerald you have Anquan Boldin
and Steve Breaston. Edge - Cards


Owen Daniels has emerged 
as one of the best play-making
tight ends in the NFL. The
Cardinals have a carousal of
tight ends but nobody that is
starting material.


Two below average offensive 
lines, but Mike Gandy and
Levi Brown give the edge to the
Texans line.



Mario Williams and Antonio
Smith bookend the line for the
Texans, but Darnell Dockett mans
the center of the Cardinals
defensive line. Too close to call.


The Cardinals should get Chike
Okeafor back, which will improve the
pass rush. The Texans linebackers
are too young to compete with
Karlos Dansby, Clark Haggens, and
Gerald Hayes experience.


The Texans pass defense is 9th in
the league and are holding opposing
quarterbacks to a QB rating of 75.9.
The Cardinals are ranked 30th
against the pass and opponents
average QB rating is 98.8. 'Nuff said.


Although the Cardinals pass defense
has struggled recently, Adrian Wilson
and Antrel Rolle can play great when
they want to. Plus Dominique Barber
and Eugene Wilson aren't exactly
pro bowl material.


I had to go with stats on this one 
because they don't lie. The Texans
are averaging better kick and punt 
return defense. They also have
Jacoby Jones returning kicks.
The Cardinals only have the edge
in net punting yards, which isn't
Coach Kwth8f1cfa2sch5xhjjfaof90_medium
Until Gary Kubiak can get the Texans 
into the playoffs, he won't have the
edge over Ken Whisenhunt.
Edge - Split
It's safe to say that both teams 
would've liked to get off to better
starts this year. Both have explosive
offenses with young and talented

After looking over the table several times, I'm sure that both teams have very similar styles and are in similar situations at this point in the season. Both need a win this week to avoid falling away from the division leaders. Is there any positions you feel could be changed?