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Grading the Offense: Cardinals vs Bears

In their most recent victory of the season, the Arizona Cardinals saw their best overall offensive performance. The offense was rolling through the first half, not punting the ball and racking up 31 points. Kurt Warner had his best game of the season, while the rushing game was the best it's been in a while. The Cardinals offense is built on explosive play, and that's something they showed on Sunday. It's also something they must continue to improve on throughout the season.

Kurt Warner - Kurt showed once again why nobody should doubt him. After having a terrible game at home against the Carolina Panthers, Warner was able to travel on the road and butcher the Bears secondary. He managed to only get sacked once, and didn't turn the ball over as well. Kurt Warner gets to face a Seahawks defense he carved up just a few weeks ago, possibly stringing back to back games with multiple touchdowns.

Running Backs - Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower both demonstrated that even though they are young, they can produce like veteran backs. They compliment each other, with Hightower handling 3rd down responsibilities, and Wells getting the big rushing plays. Neither ran for over 100 yards, but altogether managed to put 182 rushing yards on the Bears defense.

Wide Receivers - Larry Fitzgerald shouldn't be tweeting about Kurt Warner's age anymore, as Fitz has been targeted 72 times this year, only behind Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, and Reggie Wayne. On Sunday, Fitzgerald couldn't be contained by Charles Tillman, eventually leading to his two scores. Steve Breaston showed up and did exactly what we expected - played ball. Without Boldin, the Cardinals are 5-1, a number that wouldn't be possible without Steve Breaston. Early Doucet also performed well in place of Boldin.

Offensive Line - The Cardinals offensive line played the best game of the season, physically imposing their will on the Bears defensive line. The holes that were opened up were generous for the running backs, and Kurt Warner was only sacked once. Not only that, but Warner was rarely under pressure, and was given plenty of time to get rid of the ball.

My Offensive Grade: A

Scoring a season high in points and throwing five touchdown passes will generally give you praise, and that's exactly why I gave the Cardinals offense an A. They played all parts of the offense very well, didn't make any mistakes, and scored enough to put the game away early. What did you grade the offense and why?