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Send This Arizona Cardinal to the Pro Bowl: Darnell Dockett

Darnell Dockett, or "nine o" as he would call it, is a leader on the Cardinals defense, and force to be reckoned with for opposing offensive lineman. Dockett has gradually become a well known player on the Cardinals defense, and has led a unit that currently ranks 3rd against the rush. Dockett can disrupt the flow of the offensive line and currently is first on the team for tackles for a loss. Darnell is also a capable pass rusher, as we all remember the three sacks in the Super Bowl(SB record) that should have earned him plenty of national recognition. Let's see who DDs competition may be for the Pro Bowl.

Defensive Tackle Sacks Tkls FF
Kevin Williams 5 26 1
Jonathan Babineaux 4 24 0
Jay Ratliff 4 23 1
Albert Haynesworth 3 25 0
Darnell Dockett 2 26 0
Obviously Dockett's chances slimmed down when Haynesworth came to the NFC, but hopefully with the terrible play from the Redskins, most voters will overlook him. Babineaux isn't a household name and one would think his play would decrease as the season goes longer. Ratliff has had a great year so far and being in Big D, he'll get a lot of votes. That leaves Kevin Williams, who will likely be a shoe-in given the way the Vikings defense has dominated against the run the last few yeards. If Dockett can keep up his aggressive play he'll have a very strong chance of making the pro bow in February.