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Arizona Cardinal of the Week: Week 10

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The Arizona Cardinals started Sunday's game sporting a 1-3 record at home, a place where they heavily relied on a home field advantage the last two seasons. They all knew how important a win at home would be, for the team and the fans. Two Seahawk scores later and the Cardinals were already down 14-0 in the first half. At that point, most would have figured the Cardinals already had lost. Instead, they battled back and overcame their division rival to win with the final score 31-20. Here's the list of nominees for Cardinal of the week.

Beanie Wells: After an impressive performance against the Chicago Bears the week before, there were set expectations for the rookie heading into this game. Beanie surpassed them, and is showing why the Cardinals drafted him at 31st overall. Wells also performed well under pressure, scoring two touchdowns that essentially gave the Cardinals the win.

Kurt Warner: Warner tacked on another 300 yard game to his career total, and also added 2 more touchdowns to give him 200 for his career as well. The most important stat has to be ball security, in which Warner didn't turn the ball over once and wasn't sacked once. If we see this play from Kurt the remainder of the season, the Cardinals shouldn't have anymore problems winning at home.

Anquan Boldin: Anquan blasted head coach Ken Whisenhunt the week before, declaring that nobody was "man enough" to tell him he'd been deactivated. He responded by catching 8 passes for 105 yards on Sunday. Many of the catches came at critical times, and Boldin would've had a touchdown had he not been stopped short of the goal line in the first quarter.

Antrel Rolle: The Cardinals may have the best safety combination in the league, with Rolle at free safety and Wilson at strong. Rolle has been very dependable this year, not allowing any big plays, and also making interceptions when the Cardinals needed them. He's also turned into a capable tackler, leading the team with 9 on Sunday.

Clark Haggans: Statistically Haggans is having the best season of his career since the 2006 season when he had 9 total sacks. He registered two sacks in the win on Sunday, and leads the team with 4.5. Haggans also had 6 tackles in the win.

Nominating players for Cardinal of the week is always easy after another win, so let's hope the trend continues. As always, if you feel somebody should be added, just drop a comment below. Who did you vote for and why?