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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Round Up: Week 10

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After another win on the season, the Cardinals improved their record to 6-3. With a win this week against the Rams, they could be looking at a top 5 spot in most power rankings. Last week they averaged a 10.9. This week their average power ranking is 8.4 - a slight improvement but the doubters are still out there.

ESPN - 7th

Halfway to a 10-6 record thanks to four victories in four games away from University of Phoenix Stadium.

Yahoo - 7th

Is Beanie Wells becoming a big-time back – and, if so, how scary could this offense be come January?

NFL - 8th

Pro Football Weekly - 9th

Who can figure this team out?

CBS - 10th

The division title is theirs unless they have a disaster. Now they have to work on playing better at home because they will have a home playoff game.

FOX - 11th

Kurt Warner and the gang are temporarily off Power Rankings Probation after finally putting together consecutive wins, albeit over 4-5 Chicago and 3-6 Seattle. While still hoping for more consistency from the Cards, they can be 8-3 if they handle their business against the Rams and improving Titans — potentially setting up a Week 12 shootout against Brett Favre in Minnesota.

What If Sports - 12th

Sporting News - 8th

Looking like a more complete team than the one that advanced to Super Bowl 44.

Sports Illustrated - 7th

Walter Football - 7th

The Cardinals are a really dangerous team. Their defense looks better than last year's version, Kurt Warner is healthy again and Wells gives them an added dimension that they didn't have last season. As long as Arizona doesn't have to play in terrible weather, they're going to be a tough out come playoff time.

Yahoo Team Ranker - 7th